, IVPC - International Venture Philanthropy Center

A vibrant, catalytic platform to advance and strengthen the practice of social investment globally to deliver sustainable, high-impact solutions to pressing social challenges

The Opportunity

Global social challenges require new solutions and theories. Their scale and complexity is such that current public-sector resources and traditional investment and grant theories are not sufficient to address these challenges. Innovative models which combine private, public and social sector strengths are needed which can deliver more efficient and effective societal impact. Throughout the world, Venture Philanthropy (VP) and Social investment (SI) has proven to be a powerful way to create social impact, by utilizing the same tools applied by the Private Equity/Venture Capital industry to successfully address social problems. VP/SI enables individuals and organizations with high aspirations for making a difference by deploying their financial, human and intellectual resources strategically, with discipline, transparency and accountability.

There is opportunity to expand and advance the adoption of VP/SI theories. Two organizations are doing so already very successfully in Europe and Asia:

Together these organizations have over 800 members in 52 countries, who – since the inception of these organizations – have mobilized more than USD 7 billion helping create substantial social change and impact. While these theories are being developed on a region-by-region basis, there is opportunity to catalyse these methods on a global level.

Our Mission

IVPC will pursue its mission primarily by building and strengthening the social purpose investment community through regional membership associations and affiliate organizations aiming to increase social impact.

  • To engage more human, intellectual and financial capital to support social-purpose investment globally.
  • To increase the effectiveness of that capital in generating meaningful social impact.

Theory Of Change

IVPC will pursue this mission in three primary ways:

Building additional regional membership associations throughout the world: currently working in Africa, and evaluating the opportunity for Latin America.
Helping each partner network maximize their impact leveraging synergies between them.
Promoting and advancing venture philanthropy and social investment globally.

IVPC will be a facilitator of collaboration, connection, capacity building, resource mobilization and advancement of VP/SI globally, it will not be an association itself.

Key IVPC value-added activities include:

Facilitating synergies between VP/SI regional organizations on a global basis.
Sharing research and best practices across regions and sectors and developing new global insights.
Supporting the creation and growth of VP/SI practitioners through support of fund formation and scaling.
Promoting public policy dialogue to encourage more conducive conditions for the social economy.
Launching specific sector, geographic and issue focused initiatives to address areas in need of further action.

Our Partner Networks


Who We Are


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Douglas Miller
Founder and Chairman

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Cliff Prior
Non-Executive Director

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Paul Shoemaker
Non-Executive Director


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Paul Carttar

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Alex Alvarez

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Andrew Muirhead
Senior Advisor

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José Luis Ruiz de Munain
Senior Advisor

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Carolina Suarez
Senior Advisor

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Karen Wilson
Senior Advisor

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Juan David Ferreira

Present Activities

The IVPC is currently focusing on the following 4 lines of work:

  1. Facilitating the creation of the African Venture Philanthropy Alliance to be launched in 2018.
  2. Starting to explore the conditions for the establishment of a future Venture Philanthropy/Social Investment network in Latin America.
  3. Working with existing Venture Philanthropy/Social Investment regional networks to identify synergies and opportunities to build upon best practices.
  4. Laying the groundwork for the development of the global IVPC platform to accelerate the Venture Philanthropy/Social Investment market on a global scale.

Contact Us

Note we are not a funder directly and are not presently staffed to handle numerous inquiries. If you are a provider of financial, human, intellectual capital please reach out and we can help connect you to one of our sister organizations. Please fill up this form to contact us.