, IVPC – International Venture Philanthropy Center

A vibrant, catalytic platform to advance and strengthen the practice of social investment globally to deliver sustainable, high-impact solutions to pressing social challenges

The Opportunity

Acute social and environmental challenges around the globe requires the mobilization of private impact-oriented capital to supplement traditional public and development finance funding. With a growing diversity of suppliers of impact capital, it is imperative for all forms of capital to take a collective approach to build back better.

Issues like climate change, economic inequality, education, health, and gender discrimination are globally relevant, but require highly localized solutions. This requires a globally coordinated effort leveraging local capital and local implementation.

The team behind IVPC has been building this ecosystem for the past 17 years – Starting in Europe, then Asia and now Africa and Latin America – building the foundation for global and local influence. Now with thousands of key stakeholders across 60+ countries, IVPC is looking to leverage this unprecedented footprint to mobilize capital on a global scale.

IVPC aims to connect suppliers of impact capital with their peers globally to:

  • Share successes, failures and learnings with one another.
  • To inspire more capital to become active.
  • Improve the effectiveness of capital for impact.
  • Accelerate the development of the ecosystem for impact capital globally.

Our Mission

To move more capital towards critical impact areas that require a global approach with local implementation

Our activities are geared towards:

  • Educating funders to be more effective at providing capital for impact.
  • Providing opportunities to activate capital - globally and locally.
  • Highlighting global and local insights to adapt, replicate and scale effective solutions.

Our Partner Networks


The four regional networks combined represent the only existing global network with leadership by the Global South as well as active engagement from the leading impact capital providers in the Global North.

Their ecosystem building approach has afforded the networks great influence with local capital, governments, and civil society as well as unprecedented access to data and insights in markets where the lack of transparency can be an enormous impediment to progress.

Who We Are


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Douglas Miller
Founder and Chairman

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Paul Shoemaker
Non-Executive Director

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Steven Serneels
Non-Executive Director

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Naina Batra
Non-Executive Director

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Pablo Gabriel Obregón Santo Domingo
Board Member


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Paul Carttar

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Allie Hollowell

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Andrew Muirhead
Senior Advisor

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Mia Floyd
Senior Associate

Contact Us

Note we are not a funder directly and are not presently staffed to handle numerous inquiries. If you are a provider of financial, human, intellectual capital please reach out and we can help connect you to one of our sister organizations. Please fill up this form to contact us.